This brings up the question of affordable travel and if it really exists still.

Travel Still

If you are over a certain age chance are good that you may recall the days of inexpensive travel.

Family and Friends

Back in these days you could put your family and a few friends in a car and group travel became the thing to do. You would drive to the destination of your choice, have a great time and head back home. As you can imagine, cars, gas and everything involved with travel is on the rise. This brings up the question of affordable travel and if it really exists still. The short answer is that group travel can be a blessing. 23 Awesome Travel Hacks Click here for details. 

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plan a trip

It is so easy to plan a trip today and the good news is you can go anywhere that you want to with ease. Often you simply have to know how to research and plan your trip for the maximum pleasure.

Travel companies

Travel doesn’t have to be hard to plan either because so many travel companies are there to help organize your trip. With group travel there is no limit to all the fun places you can go and all the sights you can see. Findout more about gruppereise here.

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You may not know it but, you can save money with group travel. The easiest way to start getting your travel plans together is to see where the group travel agents are already sending people. Once you see what is available, you can start to plan around those trips. The other way to do travel and make it affordable is to simply select your destination and save up for it. In fact, they are deeply involved in the breeding, raising and training of many of the horses used in the tours. Click here to find more about teambuilding. Destinations include Asia Europe Central America, South America, Africa, the South Pacific and of course, the USA where they are headquartered. 

Your Trip

Saving the money for your trip can be an easy thing to do also, it's simply a matter of setting a budget and sticking to it. Find out more about blåtur
By using these simple tips, tricks and hacks you can make inexpensive travel a solid plan.
In the long run you will be happy that you took the time to set your group travel plans into action.

Offers Packages


 If so, then it may be time to examine Equitour equestrian vacations. Established in 1971, Equitours is headquarters at the Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming.


Equitours offers packages in 43 different destinations worldwide. Are you searching for a group travel experience that’s different from the standard cruise ship?

Groups of Tourists

Equitours hosts groups of tourists on horse trekking adventures both in America and overseas. They aren’t just a travel agency

A Unique Experience in Equestrian Group Travel