This brings up the question of affordable travel and if it really exists still.


– length of trip – weekend, days or weeks


A Group is two or more people who come together and interact with each other, so as to achieve the objectives of the organization. Group Travel – people coming together to take a trip somewhere. You will be linking up with people who are interested in what you are interested in.

Road trip driving and travel background concept
KEMER, TURKEY - May 16, 2018. Touristic buses on parking. Coral travel, Anex tour, Pegas travel agency's transport for tourist excursions.


decide what matters the most: is it when you go, how you go, where you go, etc.

Pick travel

– who – like minded people – don’t be travel incompatible – pick travel friends wisely

Cascade waterfalls. Travel in Bulgaria. Dokuzak waterfall

Inclusive Package

– share the load, see if someone is interested in helping- financially similar or people who spend like yo- decide if group will buy inclusive package or pay as you go- will you stay in an Airbnb type or hotel – activities should be planned ahead of trip – ask for each person’s suggestion then pick from the list- pick alternative activities, plan rest periods. Track expenses ensures that you don’t go over budget. 

Purchase Tickets

- Get everybody to purchase tickets and reservations at the same time or on the same day
- where to - pick a location and book in advance
When planning Group Travel, you want people who are like to you, to attend.

Communicate Feelings

Set Expectations

Decide how long the trip will last. Share the load, ask if someone want to help.- Set expectations


Pick people that have spending habits like yourself. Be clear if when deciding to stay in hotel or Airbnb


It is important that when planning activities that you also plan for rest periods.

Get everyone going to either pay at the same time or same day.